On Hajj

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"...the pilgrimage to the Holy House is an obligation which man owes to Allah, for the man who has the ability to find his way to it..." The Holy Qur’an, Surah Al-Imran: 96

Know that "the form" of any ibada, of any kind of devotion, is a means to find Truth. If Truth is not found by it, "form" has no meaning or purpose by itself.

A man came to take leave from Hz. Shibli (ks). Hz. Shibli(k.s.) asked:

—Where are you going?

—To the Hajj.

—Take with you two big bags; fill them with Mercy there and bring them to us, so that we will have ashare of it, to share with our friends and to offer our guests...

The man took his leave and left to go to Hajj. When he returned, he came to visit Hz. Shibli(k.s.), who asked:

—Did you go to the Pilgrimage?


—What did you do first?

—I took a ritual total ablution, put on my pilgrim’s garb, made two raqats of salat, started reciting the talbiyya, and made my intention and decision to do the pilgrimage.

—With your intention and decision to do the Hajj, were you able to cancel all decisions you had taken which were contrary to this decision, since the day you were born?


—Then you have not made your intention to do the Hajj.

Then you say you took off your ordinary clothes and put on your pilgrim’s garb. Have you denuded yourself of all you have done in your ordinary life?


—Then you have neither taken off your clothes neither have you put on your pilgrim’s garb. When you washed yourself and took your ablution, did you cleanse yourself of all your ills and defects?


—Then you have not taken your ritual ablution. When you recited the talbiyya and said ‘i am present,my Lord, I am here, at Your orders, I am here heedful, there is none like You, all grace is to You, all blessing is from You, all belongs to You, there is no partner with You’, did you receive an answer, a call from Allah?


—Then you have not recited the talbiyya. Did you enter the Harem, the sacred grounds?


-When you entered the Harem, did you vow to leave behind all that is haram and unlawful?


—Then you have not entered the Harem. Did you visit Mecca?


—When you visited Mecca, did you feel as if you received a different state from Allah?


—Then you have not been in Mecca. Did you enter the Sacred Mosque?


—Did you feel closer to Allah in the Sacred Mosque?



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